Chocolate Fountains

Few food treats can match the aroma and sight.

Choc n Hog Catering’s Chocolate Fountains make an ideal centrepiece for a truly special occasion anywhere in the country.

This is social dining at its best. A chocolate fountain doesn’t just look and taste great – it can help create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere among guests as a prominent focal attraction.

Our fully trained and uniformed staff will attend to all aspects of the fountain for the duration of your event which means all you and your guests have to do is indulge yourselves in the creamy descending flow of chocolate.

Prominent Focal Attraction

Few food treats can match the visually stunning sight and unforgettable aroma of a cascading tower of rich Belgian chocolate, surrounded by an enticing array of mouth watering fruits, marshmallows and other tasty treats that are simply begging to be dipped in chocolate.